Monday, January 24, 2011

Ms.Rupali Rani (25) Hindu Woman gang-raped at Chandipur-Austagram Upazila of Kishoreganj District :

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) received an appeal from the husband of the Hindu woman requesting us for giving them legal assistance regarding gang rape of one Hindu woman residing at village -Chandipur within Austagram Upazila of Kishoregonnj Distrct.

A fact of the case is that the perpetrators all Muslims are land grabbers and the victim is a destitute worker for irrigation project of land holders. While Ms.Rupali Rani was returning back after her daily works at her home she was intercepted by below noted perpetrators. Md. Idu Meah and Md. Alamgir forcefully tear off wearing clothes of Ms.Rupali and Md.Soharab Meah started to rape her brutally one after another and they also shouted “rape and rape with pleasure”  Ms.Rupali cried loudly and some witnesses appeared and rescued her. Ms. Rupali tried to take medical treatment at Austagram Sadar Hospital but she was also intercepted by other co-accused and did not allow her to take medical treatment.

BDMW immediately communicated with the Superintendent of Police, Kishoregonj yesterday and requested him for taking necessary steps for arresting the perpetrators responsible for the crime against humanity.  Police neglected to register the case on the date of occurrence, later it was recorded after 10 days of its incident of rape. The victim and her husband are now under tremendous pressure from the perpetrators for withdraw the case.  No perpetrators have yet been arrested till writing of this report.

1. Name of the victim: Ms. Rupali Rani Das (25)

2. Name of the Husband: Gurupada Das (30)

3. Permanent resident of the victim: Village: Chandipur, P.s. Austagram, District-Kishoreganj.

4. Date of event: 05.01.2011 at about 05.00 hours.

5. Religion of the victim :  Hindu

6. Names of the perpetrators: 1) Mohammad Paresh Meah (35) son of late Ekujoma
                                            2) Md. Badal Meah (30) son of Menu Meah
                                            3) Mohammad Soharab Meah (32) son of late Sabud Ali
                                            4) Mohammad Idu Meah (30) son of Alta Meah
                                            5) Mohammad Alamgir (26) son of Annu Meah
                                            6) Mohammad Dulal Meah (38) son of Nabu Meah
                                            7) Md. Annowar Meah (40) son of Khurshid Bhuiya
                                            8) Md.Tariqul Meah (28) son of late Azam Ali  : All of village : Palapara, P.S. Austagram,Kishoreganj.

Witness of the event: 1) Ms. Rupali Rani Das ( raped victim )
                                2) Mr. Gurup pada Das husband of victim
                                3) Ms. Putul Rani Das wife of Berendra Das
                                4) Mr. Ratan Chandra Das son of late Surjya Kanta Das
                                5) Mr.Gouri Kanta Das son of Sumanta Das

Place of event: Bilbally Howar, near the land hole of Kamal Meah

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) is going to investigated the matter at the spot on 22nd of January, 2011.

Copy of FIR is attached herewith:


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